The ModularHose.com system offers virtually unlimited options and flexibility. The system is designed to come apart and be reassembled – in various configurations. Extend its “modularability” to new levels with different accessories.


Modular hose gives the solutions their flexibility, adjustability, and “modularness”. Available in multiple lengths and sizes – but the 3/4″ID system is features here. Hose bends and can be separated at each bead.

61501BLK – Modular Hose Segment Pack with two 6″ segments of 6 beads; total of 12″ of hose
69540BLK – Modular Hose Segment Box with 59 6″ segments; total of 25 feet
69541BLK – Modular Hose Coil with 648 beads all assembled; total of 50 feet

Extend the use of the ModularHose 3″ Mounting Plate with this sweet silicone phone strap. It fits on nearly all phones – with or without the case – and provides secure attachment. Does not include the 3″ disc or the modularhose….or the phone. ūüėČ

501111 – ModularHose Phone Strap

Universal phone clip allows for phones of all sizes to be used with the ModularHose system. Works with phone in cases up to 5/8″ deep. Comes with 3/4″ ID mounting bead. Hose and phone not included.

501123 – ModularHose Universal Phone Clip


Extend the use of the ModularHose system with this cup holder. Features mounting bead for use with the modular hose system, adjustable tabs to hold different size cups, a secure bottom with built in spill tray, and collapsible to tuck away when not in use. Also great for holding other items like phones. For best results, keep the arm short and avoid holding drinks/items that weigh more than 1lb.

500301 – ModularHose Adjustable/Collapsible Cup Holder


This mounting plate with straps is ideal for attaching the ModularHose system to leg, arm, bed, chair, and many more. The 4″x6″ plate offers a solid foundation with the dual 24″ quick release straps for short or mid-length arms for tablets, switches, devices, and more.¬†The 1″ wide adjustable straps feature a plastic buckle for quick and easy use.¬†ModularHose mounting plate features 4 slits for the strap to weave through for secure attachment. (hose, tablet, tablet holder, switch, disc, and person, are not included)

530041 –¬†ModularHose 4″x6″ Mounting Plate with 24″ Quick Release Straps


This modified 3″ disc offers connection to cameras and other devices with a 1/4″-20 receptacle.

522311 – Mounting Disc with 1/4″-20 screw


The 3″ mounting disc has a flat surface on one side to attach switches or small devices with Velcro or similar.

520001 – 3″ Mounting Disc


The mounting plate measure 4″ x 6″ offering a larger surface to attach items such as switches or small devices with Velcro, Dual Lock, or similar. Includes slits for future use with straps if desired.

530001 – 4″x6″ Mounting Plate


A podium style plate that measures 8.5″ x 11″ with a 1.5″ lip – great for holding items in place. Perfect for putting up learning aids, tablets, books, phones, or other devices. Features 3 mounting beads on the back for attaching one, two, or even three arms. Works well as a podium or a platform.

540001 – Podium/Platform Plate


These weighted bases are perfect for flat surfaces including desks, tables, trays, and more.

580001 – Small Desktop Base 7″ x 3.75″, .9 lbs
590001 – Desktop Base 12″ x 6″, 2.2 lbs (pictured)


The tool is designed for assembly and makes putting pieces together easier and quicker – but not required. Note: because of its design, it can not assemble every piece in the 3/4″ID system.

78004 – Assemble Tool for 3/4″ID System


This spring clamp opens to a 2″ opening and has a modular hose starter piece already attached. Spring clamps make attaching to and removing from flat surfaces quick and easy.

510001 – Spring Clamp with mounting bead


This clamp offers dual surface flexibility. ¬†Works great for round tubes (as pictured) but includes an insert that connects inside the clamp area to use with flat surfaces. Adjustable jaw opens to 2.5″ and closes with twist handle. Includes modular hose mounting bead.

512001 – Tube/Flat Surface Clamp


Ahhh, the forgotten double socket piece – but required for most installations. This double female piece allows you to ‘turn around’ the direction of the hose. Required if you are trying to put two male modular hose pieces together.

61514BLK – Double Socket pack of 4