Assistive.Solutions is part of ModularHose.com and features the assistive technology solutions that made ModularHose famous. That’s right, famous. If they had a nickle for every time Taylor Swift has talked about them…oh, wait…ok, so they wouldn’t have a nickle yet – but they are hopeful. Anyway, since the ModularHose.com site lists “like, a gazillion parts”, they thought it would be easier to profile the AT items on their own site. So, Assistive.Solutions was born.

ModularHose.com started in 2001 and offers modular hose (I know, what are the odds) that is used in numerous markets. In addition to manufacturing a variety of their own products, many kits and solutions feature Loc-Line modular hose. While originally used in industrial applications, a few clever occupational therapists saw another application. A while back we had some completely awesome OT’s tell us about how they use modular hose in the assistive technology field – mainly holding up head switches for evaluations. A little bit of time passed by and we continued to receive so many calls regarding our favorite OT’s spreading the word that we decided to do a trade show. So we packed our bags and headed to Minnesota to do our first AT trade show back in 2009. We met some of the amazing OT’s (the REAL rock stars!) and we have been doing the shows ever since. In addition, we expanded our product line and developed products specifically for the Assistive Technology field.

This website is just a sample of the modular goodness that awaits you. For a complete list of products available, visit www.modularhose.com.