The ModularHose Podium Solutions are perfect for holding up so many things. Workbooks, musical scores, learning aids, and more can now be conveniently elevated. Choose between clamps or sleek bases – or customize; after all, it is part of the ModularHose system so all parts can be popped apart and customized.

General Product Information:
• Podium surface measure 11 x 8-1/2 inches (27.9 x 21.6 cm) with a 1-1/2 inch (38 mm) lip.
• Podiums have three mounting beads to customize arm use and placement. Use with one, two, or even three arms for a super-fabulous configuration.
• Arms are modular hose 3/4″ID system.
• Spring clamps open to two inches (51 mm) wide.
• Designed for tablets and devices weighing up to two pounds (.9 kg).
• Just a reminder – it’s part of the ModularHose.com system, so you can pop apart every piece and customize it to your hearts content.


A sturdy and portable solution that allows you to quickly clamp and easily position the podium where needed. Assembled and ready for use.

110411 – Podium Solution with 8″ single arm
110421 – Podium Solution with 14″ single arm (pictured)


This two arm package is great for spots where the podium may need to be moved into multiple positions or when a little extra stability is needed. Assembled and ready for use.

114161 – Podium/Platform Solution with two 18″ arms


A great way to raise up your papers, drawings, books, or devices. The large steel base measures 12 x 6 inches (30.5 x 15.2 cm), weighs 2.2 pounds (1 kg) and provides stability yet is easily movable. Assembled and ready for use.

190411 – Podium/Platform Desktop Solution with 8″ arm